PDFs For Security and Signatures

– Author: William Wong, WPS Office Software –

Sometimes you want secure files, but other times you absolutely need them. In the case of documentation used in a court of law, many file formats are inadmissible since they are easily altered with no visible electronic footprint. Documents created in Word, for example, are designed for text editing, and someone can easily edit them without leaving an electronic footprint. Same goes for TIFF, JPEG, and GIF file formats. In order to use these formats in court, you’d need to first copy them to a DVD or CD-R, since optical media can’t be changed and are thus legally admissible in court. In order to avoid this extra legwork you can instead use a PDF file, since PDFs are “read only” documents. Here are a few reasons why PDFs are able to offer this high level of security level, as well as some general tips and resources on PDF signatures.

Read the full blog at: http://blog.wps.com/pdfs-revisited-for-security-and-signatures?utm_source=PR


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