Is Social Media Slang an Evolution in Language?

– Author: Cole Armstrong, WPS Office Software –

G2G. BRB. IDK. TTYL. Language purists and others who prefer a more formal approach to communication style—even online—may bristle at these types of terms. But while Internet slang and other forms of word shortening and abbreviation can make you look unprofessional if you use them at work, they may serve an important purpose when used at appropriate times in general communication.

While you may not go so far as to believe that commonly used IM and social media slang terms like the ones used above represent an evolution in language, it’s hard to argue the fact that such shortened expressions can improve our communication’s efficiency. Here are a few ways that that such jargon might actually be offering us a better way to exchange information rather than degrading the language:

You can make your points faster.

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